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Bikes in Germany

I have many, many more pictures than this but here is a taste. I found this one in Heidelberg.

FroYo Box Bike

Next up is an adaptive Tricycle in Bad Kreuznach. It was really interesting. The one pedal was “normal” and the other enlarged with a strap that I guess is used to keep the foot on the pedal. I really wish I could have seen it moving!

Adaptive Tricycle

Last I have a pretty picture of some bicycles racked in Eppelheim.  There isn’t anything special about them but I’m sure they are special to someone! 🙂

Bikes in Eppelheim

I’ll get myself together and gather up all the bike pictures I’ve taken so far and get them all posted. I just need a few more unique pictures to round out my collection.


Bored While Driving

While driving to my mom’s tonight I thought I’d play around with my interior lights on the Fiesta. There are 8 (?) different colors to pick from or you can turn them off. I feel like a teenager in a mod-ed Japanese rice rocket when I turn these things on, but the kids like them.








Don’t do this. I was traveling at 120km/hour while taking pictures with my iPhone. In my defense, it was a really flat and straight section of road, and I was *mostly* alone 🙂