I’m never going to finish this thing… but that didn’t stop me from starting one anyway! I am making The Beekeeper’s Quilt, a pattern by Tiny Owl Knits that I purchased through Ravelry. (Wow, that was alot of links)

Hexipuff, the First

I made my first hexipuff from a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Luscious Silk. I bought this yarn at Tricoter in Seattle during a trip to visit my best friend in one of my favorite places. I plan to make my quilt from mostly remnants because I want it to have sentimental value. When I’m all finished and gazing upon it’s yarny glory I want to be reminded of everything I’ve made. For this reason I may not be completely sticking to sock yarn since I don’t currently knit socks, ever. But this thing is beautiful, see below.

**I did not make the quilt show or take the picture. It is borrowed from Tiny Owl Knits whom I have linked above**

We will see how it goes. I did order a half pound bag of lavender to stuff my little hexipuffies with from a lovely seller on Etsy, Stress Tamer Spa. He/She had it to me in record time, considering the APO time lag as well! I can’t wait to start stuffing them all because the lavender smells so unbelievably good. I’ve been keeping my current favorite lap blanket folded in the top of my dedicated Beekeeper’s Quilt basket so that it smells like lavender every time I use it.

I’m off to knit more little puffies. Wish me luck!