I call it the “Trek-stracycle”. I started with a Trek Navigator 2.0 and added the Xtracycle FreeRadical frame to it. We purchased v-racks with freeloaders and a Peapod seat for the deck at the same time. I love it all! See pic below of me plus kiddos.

Wine run with the kiddos on my new station wagon

almost done!

“We” built it up in our 3rd floor walk up. I use the term “We” lightly since it was my job to continue to provide wine and encouragement while TLH (tall, light and handsome) did the actual building. Isn’t he cute?

My bike mechanic

There was only minimal “ghetto-rigging”. We had to break off a bracket that holds the rear fender in place in order to attach the freeloader frame. No biggie since I won’t be needing a rear fender anymore anyway. These super cool stickers came with the kit and I already put one on the back of my boring black nutcase helmet.

Cool Stickers that came with my Xtracycle kit

I’ve already been on quite a few rides and I can’t wait for the weather to improve a little so we can all head out on some longer rides into downtown to go shopping. I amaze people regularly with what I can carry on my bike. I love that cargo bikes are becoming more mainstream across the US (I know I’m in Germany) and I hope that trend continues. This truly is a car replacement. Now I need to figure out a pattern for a deck cushion and rig up a way to make the whole back end covered for the kids so we can do more riding in inclement weather.