TLH loves Kona. Looooovvveeesss Kona. He wants a whole stable of Kona’s. The Mother and I went to the AF base tonight for some last minute Christmas Shopping. Because of her unusually gigantic vehicle we had to park in BFE and subsequently went into the BX through a different entrance. Enter, Outdoor Rec. At previous posts Outdoor Rec has been merely a place to rent camping equipment and snowboards. This Outdoor Rec (on steroids) is a mini REI!!! Yes, I said it. I was in heaven. Smartwool socks, Burton snowboards and a climbing wall, oh my! And what was lurking in the back? Kona’s, lots of ’em. They are an authorized dealer and can have anything ordered from the catalog. I think we may be in a bit of trouble.

Chromed-out fixie Kona Band Wagon, super DB-licious but I loved it anyway.

Electric-assist Kona Ticket

Kona, Kona and Kona

The Kona Lisa, gorgeous.

Kona one20, FS MTB

Kona Shred, for me?

Kona Africa Bike, the Mother wants this one

They also had dynamo light kits and local German bicycle-route maps. I’ll be back, don’t you worry.

And it’s aaaallllllll tax free, beautiful.