I made this last night for the kids and I can’t stop playing in it! I’m going to go get some play-do moulds today and let them have at it later. I found the recipe through my favorite new blog The Imagination Tree. The recipe can be found here. I changed it a little bit though and used Tortilla flour at the recommendation of my friend C. It really looks like sand and sort of feels like it too. I hate sand and this is fun to play with. Here is what I did, you need 5 cups of Tortilla flour and one cup of Baby Oil.


Mix together well in a large bowl, it works best if you just use your hands. And then you can start making sand balls!


Now I did use Baby Oil because C gave me hers after making this for her kids. My kids have petroleum sensitive skin so I just made a small batch for now and if it doesn’t bother them I will let them continue to play. It’s not very “green” but it was economical (free!). I might try another batch with olive oil or peanut oil to have something nontoxic and green. For now I’m using the “sand” as therapy for me šŸ™‚