We visited Strasbourg yesterday with some friends. We started out at Les Montagnes des Singes in Kintzheim. The kids had a great time, no bikes here.


Then we wandered around Strasbourg for awhile looking for the Cathedrale Notre Dame, which we found.


Then I started taking pictures of bikes.


The Dutch bakfiets was my favorite but there was also a Kona Paddy Wagon.


And then tons of these Velhop bikes all over. We saw them chained up all over the city and even saw some with child seats on them. I’m thinking a bikeshare program that failed? I’m going to do some more research.


We even finished the day out with an xtracycle siting! I was too slow to get a picture so you’ll have to enjoy this one instead.


Now wish me luck, I’m off to try cycling in a dress for the first time šŸ™‚