I chickened out on wearing the skirt to ride on Sunday but… I wore a dress out riding yesterday. Yay me! I rode to the commissary with some friends. It was a last minute trip and I had just come in from running so I ran inside and threw on a dress and headed back out the door. It was awesome! Dresses are such easy outfits. While at the comm we decided to head to the Hofladen (farmer’s store in their house) to buy some local honey. I picked up an extra passenger (sweet 5 year old girl) and off we went. We found a little old lady with what we wanted and I had to speak 100% German to her to get it. So proud of myself. I guess I’ve been paying closer attention than I thought over the last 9 months because I really didn’t think much about it at the time. I just went in and asked for it, how much it was and she told me about the different kinds. On the way back we picked up an extra bike (keeping track that is now an extra kid and an extra bike on the extra-cycle LOL) and then rode home to get the big ‘uns from school. It was a great sweaty, sunburned day and I slept like a log last night. šŸ™‚ plans for this weekend: Bike Camping at the Rod and Gun club! I’m so excited. Still working out gear/dog/kid hauling logistics but I think it’s all going to fall into place beautifully šŸ™‚