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Medieval Markt im Sandhausen

My brother and his lovely wife came over today with their kids and we rode to Sandhausen for the Medieval Markt. It was 11.28k round trip to the center of town.


It is possible we stepped outside into an oven for the bike ride. No joke, it was hot as


But the kids had a great time playing in this fountain. Topper and my nephew were soaked. Cady was mostly wet on the front.


The kids wetness helped them escape the mild heat exhaustion symptoms I was feeling. Maybe I would have been more comfortable in a kilt?


Same awesome band from last weekend’s festival. We didn’t really get to hear them play much this time though.


The ride home felt like the most glorious air conditioning ever! Until we stopped 😦


This was the longest hill. Not too bad but the sun was beating down on us. I’m glad to have found a good route to Sandhausen though as there is a nice yarn shop there and a couple nice grocery stores. It gives me more options of places to go off post on my bike.


Glass Recycling by bike

Today we took our glass recycling to the bins. Super exciting I know, but we had a ton and all the bins within walking distance were full. So we loaded the bottles up on the bike and off we went.


Note: We are NOT alcoholics :). This is about 2 months worth of glass.

Today’s Distance: 6k (approximately, I didn’t have the cycle computer on the whole way)

Beautiful Bicycles: Civia Loring « Let’s Go Ride a Bike – life on two wheels: simple. stylish. fun.

Beautiful Bicycles: Civia Loring « Let’s Go Ride a Bike – life on two wheels: simple. stylish. fun..

I love reading their blog over at LGRAB (Let’s Go Ride a Bike).  This is an old post but I still love this bike so much.  When the kids are both on their own bikes I may have to invest in one of these for myself 🙂

Civia Loring, from LGRAB website

Beautiful picture from an everyday ride


Before suburban sprawl set in there were wheat fields behind my subdivision. In fact the neighborhood is called Wheatfield. Now there’s a Target and a highway, and my Dad no longer lives there but wheat fields still remind me of home.

20k Day with the Xtracycle

I went for 2 bike rides today. A 9.5K errand this morning for bread and fruit in one direction


And then a 10.5K ride to the mailroom to pick up a package in the other direction.


The scenery is beautiful along the way. 🙂


The Xtracycle goes to the Playground

This week our bike rides have consisted of running errands in our immediate area.   Today we may go on a recreational ride just because the weather is so nice.  My distance for the week is around 7k.  Not too impressive but we’ve been enjoying this first week of summer break by staying at home.  While at the playground this week I played with some settings on my camera while taking pictures of the Trex.

This is just the “normal” mode


The Black and White looks kind of sinister at the playground


Toy Camera Effect 🙂


Posterized Effect


Color Accent, I think somehow I can switch the colors but the camera chose green and I’m not sure how to change it yet.


Vivid Color, this one works really well for landscapes especially during sunsets but at the playground it looks a little freaky.


And one picture in Toy Camera mode of my new Timbuk2 bag on the deck.  It’s the X-Small size and so far I love it.  It was even on sale on Amazon last week when I ordered. 🙂  I’ll post a review sometime soon when I’ve been able to use it enough.  I love it because it has a subtle bicycle design and the Hubs even said he’d carry it if he needed to use a smaller bag ever.  If you’ve never used a Timbuk2 bag, they are awesome!


And in case anyone asks, my camera is a Canon PowerShot Elph 300HS.  Not that impressive but it gets the job done. 🙂

Google Translate FAIL

I’m not sure which country to credit this to because I’m sure it was made in China. I found it in a mall in Germany. Let’s leave the English to the Anglos, shall we?


I suspect they haven’t sold many. Most of the Germans I’ve met speak English well enough to be as confused by this as I am. What does “distrub” mean? And why would Innovation taste delicious in relation to a bicycle? I am always excited to find anything with a bicycle on it but this puppy stayed at the store.