Xtracycle released info about this a few weeks (months?) ago but I’m pretty darned excited about it.  It’s a Sidecar for your Xtracycle.  Brilliant!


It doesn’t look like it’ll be completely compatible with a fixed child seat but I don’t really plan on taking it around with me all the time.  It’s something I would put on for bike camping and then take off and store.  It’s an amazing development for me because I want to do some bike camping with the family but didn’t have a way for my 10 year old Border Collie to come along without using a trailer.  Xtracycle + trailer = a really long rig.  I’d do it, for her, but it’s not ideal. Unfortunately it looks like this won’t be out until the fall and I have no idea if it’ll ship to our APO but I’m still excited about it.  For this summer we’ll borrow a Croozer Cargo trailer from a friend and wait patiently for this development from the super fun guys at Xtracycle.  I want their job, it looks awesome.