This is where our bikes live. Sometimes the Kona Ute and Topper’s Specialized Rock Hopper and Cady’s Puky Laufräder go inside and down to the community storage room but mine is outside unless there is assistance from Justin. I use my bike like a car and it’s easier for me to keep it outside.

We live in Army housing and have no garage. My bike’s journey inside would look like this:

In this (usually) locked door


Down these steps, stone-like and slippery when wet


Through this door, which sometimes sticks and I can’t get it open


I lugged my bike down the stairs and parked it here once but as my neighbor’s teenage children like to leave ice cream cups, chip bags and soda cans laying around we have ants in our stairwell and I found my bike covered in them once. So no more parking here.


Okay back to the sticky door to your right. Go through that and down this hallway


And through this locked door into the community storage room where my bike would still not be 100% safe


So then to ride my bike I would do all this in reverse and back up the stairs to the front door (Aspen is scoffing at the trash left in the stairwell)


That’s a few doors, a few obstacles, sometimes some trash and too much headache. So there she sits outside with the cars. I tell her it’s ok since she’s like a car and that someday she will have a garage to park in like a car. Until then she will be a little dirty and wet but it’s worth it since we spend so much time together 🙂