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Coconut Oil as Deodorant

TMI WARNING!!! 🙂 I warned you.

I did a little experiment today. I used Coconut Oil for deodorant. My interest was piqued because of a post in a cloth diaper group yesterday where it was stated that coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal. Now in times of sweaty distress in the past I have used hand sanitizer as deo. With all this info I wondered if Coconut Oil would work. I typically can’t use “normal” deodorant due to chemical sensitivities. So how did it turn out? Amazing! I don’t stink AT ALL. I’m not even that sweaty. Since it’s only been one day I’m not 100% sold on it yet but by the end of the week I’ll know for sure. I’m impressed today though. I really like the idea of aluminum and fragrance free deodorant that actually works. I wonder why coconut oil isn’t in more natural deodorant?


TOMS New Bike Riding Shoe

TOMS New Bike Riding Shoe – TOM Makes Shoe for Linus Bikes – ELLE.

I ride in my TOMS all the time but these are pretty awesome.  I hope they do well enough that they’ll introduce some more colors.

Scooter Shopping

We discovered this weekend that we need something for Topper to ride at Oma’s. We tried out a few scooters at the LBS. This Puky one was one of them.


While it would be really cool to have, it doesn’t quite fit the bill. The scooter needs to be small enough to travel with but have air-filled tires for the gravel driveway. If anyone knows of something like this I would appreciate a steer in the right direction. We have a razor scooter and I’d really love to find something just like it but with air-filled tires.

I got a Townie!

I’m so excited about this bike. I found it locally, used but barely. The bike is in perfect condition. She just needs a few adjustments and maybe different grips and seat. There isn’t anything wrong with them, they just aren’t my preference.

When I found this bike I didn’t realize it was 700c. My plan was to swap the Xtracycle Freeradical kit off of Trex and onto this bike to make it easier for me to get on and off loaded. I guess now I need to look into the difference between the 26″ and 700c kit. Either way I love this bike. I’m excited to get some fenders and a bell for it so I can start riding it more.


Different angle


I love the headbadge


She still needs a name. I’ve also noticed after this purchase that I have a penchant for steel gray bikes. I need to warm it up a little bit with some wood accents or brown leather. I found some red fenders online but they would be too expensive to ship here so I’ll have to see what I can find locally.

The “free” Zoo by Bike

This past week I did a 22k day with the kids. We rode to the PX to run some errands, then to what I like to call the “free zoo”. We have an awesome pet shop nearby and we stop in and visit every now and then. I do buy dog treats and accessories here when needed so we aren’t total freeloaders. They have a HUGE koi pond. Some of these fish are as big as Cady and cost 1500€. When you stand next to the tank they swim over and open their mouths 🙂


The kids thought this crab was cool. He was about the size of my fist and had little hairs all over him.



They also had a really playful (and talkative) African Gray Parrot


Silly kids


We found this playground on the way back and stopped for awhile. There was even an adult sized hammock!


Trex and Hopper waiting at the park 🙂


We left the house around 11 and returned home just in time for dinner. I’m glad I went since it rained the next two days. Summer doesn’t seem to be happening here in Germany.

[Not] Cycling in Munich

With my best friend still in town we headed to Munich for a whirlwind day trip and then to the Mountains for the night. Trex is so big that I can’t travel with him and everytime we go to a new place I always think, “I wish I had my bike”. Every trip has me thinking how much I need a folding bike. Maybe the lovely folks at Brompton could sponsor me to do a travel series around Europe? Of course I’d need a child seat too so Cady could come along. Cycling infrastructure appeared to be great in Munich even though I did not get to use it and the Englischer Garten certainly seemed like a great place to go for a ride away from the city.
We did have time for a short stop at Velo Company. I researched ahead of time and found they carried Larry vs Harry longjohns as well as Nihola and Christiania trikes. I even saw a woman near the Marienplatz on a Nihola with a Velo Company sticker.






They also had a Brompton wall


I was a little shocked to not see any xtracycles given the surfing phenomenon here but it seems they have found a different way to carry their boards to the park



The surfers were amazing to watch. I can’t wait to come back and someday explore the city by bike.

Welde Brewery Tour

One of my best friends is in town visiting this week. Today we rode to Plankstadt to visit the Welde Brewerei and go on the tour. It was 9€ each for adults and 4€ for children. We got a souvenir glass and all the beer we could drink in the tasting room. We rode 16k round trip to and from the tour. Today was probably my favorite bike trip to date!


I carried the stroller today with me on Trex. I didn’t get a picture but I’ll be doing it a few more times this week so I’ll have to remember to take one next time.










I love this light fixture! Maybe I’ll start collecting bottles? I’m sure it’ll look like junk in my house though.


Cady “taking pictures” with a rock


The map shot of our ride today, although only on the way there since my phone died before the return trip.


One the way back we stopped at the commissary for Salmon for dinner, yum! When we came out I had some admirers so I answered questions about Trex for a few minutes. I need to get some xtracycle business cards printed!