I only rode to the commissary and back today. It’s almost 3k round trip. The time in the photo I think was my total time including shopping.


I am joining forces with Lindsay over at You Ain’t Got Jack for a “July of Change”. I think her rules are a little different than mine but mine are as follows:
– no meat, except fish occasionally
– no dairy (although I may bend this for my coffee)
– daily walks or bike rides.

I am doing quite a bit of traveling this month so we will see how this goes. The dairy will probably be the hardest since it seems to be in everything that doesn’t have meat in restaurants. I was going to cut alcohol too but decided wine might be the only way I’m getting through this.

So I took Cady with me this morning to the store to get supplies for the next few days. I probably had 100 pounds of groceries on the way home plus Cady. The hardest thing I have with large loads is getting off the centerstand. Anyway, I’m off to Paris in the morning for a short 3-day trip. At least I can have bread while I’m there!