This past week I did a 22k day with the kids. We rode to the PX to run some errands, then to what I like to call the “free zoo”. We have an awesome pet shop nearby and we stop in and visit every now and then. I do buy dog treats and accessories here when needed so we aren’t total freeloaders. They have a HUGE koi pond. Some of these fish are as big as Cady and cost 1500€. When you stand next to the tank they swim over and open their mouths 🙂


The kids thought this crab was cool. He was about the size of my fist and had little hairs all over him.



They also had a really playful (and talkative) African Gray Parrot


Silly kids


We found this playground on the way back and stopped for awhile. There was even an adult sized hammock!


Trex and Hopper waiting at the park 🙂


We left the house around 11 and returned home just in time for dinner. I’m glad I went since it rained the next two days. Summer doesn’t seem to be happening here in Germany.