I’m so excited about this bike. I found it locally, used but barely. The bike is in perfect condition. She just needs a few adjustments and maybe different grips and seat. There isn’t anything wrong with them, they just aren’t my preference.

When I found this bike I didn’t realize it was 700c. My plan was to swap the Xtracycle Freeradical kit off of Trex and onto this bike to make it easier for me to get on and off loaded. I guess now I need to look into the difference between the 26″ and 700c kit. Either way I love this bike. I’m excited to get some fenders and a bell for it so I can start riding it more.


Different angle


I love the headbadge


She still needs a name. I’ve also noticed after this purchase that I have a penchant for steel gray bikes. I need to warm it up a little bit with some wood accents or brown leather. I found some red fenders online but they would be too expensive to ship here so I’ll have to see what I can find locally.