I ran to the commissary today on the Townie with her new Brooks seat. She still needs a name. She has no racks or even a basket yet so I have no way to carry anything on this bike other than to carry it myself. I took one of my foldable reusable bags with me and came home with bottled water, 1 liter of coke, a 6-pack of cream soda, chocolate bars that were on sale for .31 and a loaf of bread. It was pretty easy to ride with the bag slung over my shoulder but my hand felt a little sleepy about halfway home. AND to top it all off, I rode in a skirt :). I love the Townie for this purpose. I can still ride Trex in some dresses but today I’m wearing a jean skirt and that’s not about to happen on a diamond frame.

At the end of this week I’ll be headed to Amsterdam where I plan to rent and ride all sorts of cool family bikes.