Hopefully in the future I will be better and post this on Friday and not Saturday but in addition to my biking for transportation and other green-ness I would like to share weekly what the kids and I have been up to.

This week we did a little color mixing experiment involving water, food dye and clear glasses. We started with red, yellow and blue and mixed to get orange, green and purple. Cady seemed fascinated, Topper was a little bored but he liked the end result.


I also downloaded a TON of apps for education this week. Some of our favorites are Wet Dry Try, Reading Raven and Splash Math. I’ll try to post reviews of those soon to get this blog back up and running. Cady loved the Wet Dry Try handwriting app and wanted to keep going and going. Interestingly she was using her right index finger for this even though she appears to be a left handed writer. I’m going to give her the little iPad stylus next time and see what she does.


We also visited Wiesbaden this week to meet up with their homeschoolers. We will be moving there soon so it was great to go up and meet a few people. Some of the ladies brought their homeschooling materials so I got to browse. I love being able to do this. So much of homeschool shopping is online and I really like to see things in person. Especially books. One of the winners that we will be ordering is Tapestry of Grace which is a 4 year cyclical classical program. I think we are really going to like this. I’m already impressed with their layout and book list. The other winner was Life of Fred Mathmatics, I’ve ordered Apples and Butterflies already. These are math storybooks about Fred with the problems built right in. We need math things to make it fun for Topper so I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of these.