This month my homeschool book club (via Facebook) is reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Each month I face the same dilemma, do I check the book out from the library, buy a copy from Amazon for my collection, or download the book to the <a href="http://Kindle?

Let’s debate this for a minute. I’m always searching for the “greenest” choice. After all, my family hasn’t used paper towels on a regular basis since 2009. I think the library wins right out of the gate but once we factor in the logistical issues of using the library, (i.e. item already checked out or 3 week check out time for a book I need for 4 weeks, title so new the library doesn’t have it yet) the library isn’t a clear winner.

Is it greener to buy a copy of the book you can resell or an ebook that uses less resources to produce, is downloaded and not shipped but cannot be lent (aside from a few titles) or resold or given away?

For book club I have been buying the ebooks. I do regret that I am not adding these titles to my book collection but since Amazon is so great about keeping track of what you have ordered, I know I will have these forever as long as the technology exists, but I’m still not sure if I won’t really regret it someday when my kids are old enough to start reading some of the same titles.

Anyway, if you would like to read along with me you can purchase your book like I did through Amazon 🙂