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My poor left-handed daughter 🙂



Kiddie Cargo Trikes

Europe is awesome for kids! We went to an indoor play arena for kids win the homeschool group last week. I think my 32 year old kid had the most fun. At the place they had a few different cargo trikes for kids. They are apparently made by Winther but I couldn’t find anything on their website. Sorry the pictures are so blurry, she moves fast!



She was not able to pull Daddy on the trike but she tried really hard!


This past weekend we found a wildlife park in the woods just outside of downtown. The best part is, it’s free!

Cady fell asleep in the car on the way there so she hung out in the stroller for awhile while the rest of us fed the deer.




Not wanting to play yet.


Topper wanted me to take his picture, which is rare.


Oh, now we’re playing!


Did you know there are European Bison!? I had no clue. I thought they were an American thing only. These guys were longer legged and not as wide as American Bison. I took the picture of the sign and then my phone died.


Fasanerie also had bunnies, pigs, wolves, bears, goats, wild boar, sea otters and sheep. I’m sure I’m leaving out something we saw. There is also a large playground, biergarten and snack bar. Since it is free I am certain we will be back and often. There is even a city bus stop outside the gate so we don’t have to use a car to get there either 🙂