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Babywearing in Miniature, Doll Wrapping

You don’t need a “doll wrap” for your kids to wear their dolls, most scarves are the perfect size for kids to use. The one Cady is using here is a stretch jersey scarf I paid 3€ for at a junky tourist shop.


That’s Sofia in there, Cady’s Bitty Twin from American Girl. The carry is a Ruck Tied in Front 🙂


When They Won’t be Wrapped, Ring Sling Scarf Tutorial

I posted last week about the gorgeous Steampunk-esque Olive Hemp Gears ring sling we had custom made by Zanytoes Boutique. I still love it, it is not going anywhere. Cady still won’t go near it :-/

So, what to do with this piece of cloth? Why, use it as a scarf! I was searching for some mention of someone else doing this but couldn’t find any. I wanted a way to wear the slings for transport rather than stuffing in my purse. We are well past the diaper bag stage. Yay. I started fiddling around and this is what I came up with.


Now I’m extra glad I went with Copper rings instead of the Purple or Lime that Justin wanted. So here is how you do it,

Start with the RS like this


Then put it over your head 🙂


Pull the middle “loop” through the rings


Then from underneath the rings pull the other tail into the loop and just kind of tuck it in there


If you pull the tail through the rings from the top like this


You end up with this variation instead


I’ve also done this with my Natibaby Doodle RS which is a size large. I saw this on Pinterest


I put the tail with the rings on the right side and then just kind of left the rings tucked into the bottom loop.


I hope this is clearly written out and easy to understand. Feel free to contact me with any questions.