After finding a picture on You Ain’t Got Jack’s Facebook page I was geared up with the knowledge to make my own sun/rain cover for Cady’s Yepp Peapod on the Xtracycle. There were many days this past fall and winter when I didn’t ride because I was worried about Cady being too cold on the deck behind me in the elements. I’m working so I’m warm but she’s just sitting there. You can find Lindsay’s original tutorial here
I used 5/8″ bendable PVC pipe which I walked right past in Bauhaus. Luckily C saw it and grabbed it up for me. I bent the pipe into the right shape and then hubs cut off the extra with a box cutter. We lightly zip tied the pipe to the back of the Yepp seat using the holes that were already there. The canopy is from a Maclaren Triumph stroller and the Rain cover is from our old Bugaboo frog. I’m really happy with how it came out. It was much easier than I thought it would be. For now we are still using the Yepp seat but there are things I don’t like about it and we may eventually switch back to the Britax Römer, which would match better, which would make me happier 🙂


From the back


Without the rain cover


We went on a nice long ride today to run some errands and pick up the pipe. Here are some pictures from our ride. We ended up cutting through a field on the way home. C was waiting for the farmer to appear to chase us off with a shotgun.