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Well none of THAT happened.

I just read my last blog post from June again. The move didn’t go as planned, we had family visiting right up until the moving truck arrived and to top it all off we discovered that we were expecting our third child right before family arrived in Germany. (Exciting, but not great timing)

So, needless to say nothing we had planned for this summer has gone according to plan. We haven’t started the new school year yet since we went almost a month with no mailing address and our school books have yet to arrive. It also turns out that my worst pregnant symptom is extreme exhaustion, so I’m pretty much worthless right now.

We have done some traveling and participated in summer co-op in our new home so I will just photobomb the rest of this blog post. Enjoy.







The Xtracycle goes to the Playground

This week our bike rides have consisted of running errands in our immediate area.   Today we may go on a recreational ride just because the weather is so nice.  My distance for the week is around 7k.  Not too impressive but we’ve been enjoying this first week of summer break by staying at home.  While at the playground this week I played with some settings on my camera while taking pictures of the Trex.

This is just the “normal” mode


The Black and White looks kind of sinister at the playground


Toy Camera Effect 🙂


Posterized Effect


Color Accent, I think somehow I can switch the colors but the camera chose green and I’m not sure how to change it yet.


Vivid Color, this one works really well for landscapes especially during sunsets but at the playground it looks a little freaky.


And one picture in Toy Camera mode of my new Timbuk2 bag on the deck.  It’s the X-Small size and so far I love it.  It was even on sale on Amazon last week when I ordered. 🙂  I’ll post a review sometime soon when I’ve been able to use it enough.  I love it because it has a subtle bicycle design and the Hubs even said he’d carry it if he needed to use a smaller bag ever.  If you’ve never used a Timbuk2 bag, they are awesome!


And in case anyone asks, my camera is a Canon PowerShot Elph 300HS.  Not that impressive but it gets the job done. 🙂

Kona Bikes? What!?

TLH loves Kona. Looooovvveeesss Kona. He wants a whole stable of Kona’s. The Mother and I went to the AF base tonight for some last minute Christmas Shopping. Because of her unusually gigantic vehicle we had to park in BFE and subsequently went into the BX through a different entrance. Enter, Outdoor Rec. At previous posts Outdoor Rec has been merely a place to rent camping equipment and snowboards. This Outdoor Rec (on steroids) is a mini REI!!! Yes, I said it. I was in heaven. Smartwool socks, Burton snowboards and a climbing wall, oh my! And what was lurking in the back? Kona’s, lots of ’em. They are an authorized dealer and can have anything ordered from the catalog. I think we may be in a bit of trouble.

Chromed-out fixie Kona Band Wagon, super DB-licious but I loved it anyway.

Electric-assist Kona Ticket

Kona, Kona and Kona

The Kona Lisa, gorgeous.

Kona one20, FS MTB

Kona Shred, for me?

Kona Africa Bike, the Mother wants this one

They also had dynamo light kits and local German bicycle-route maps. I’ll be back, don’t you worry.

And it’s aaaallllllll tax free, beautiful.

My beautiful children

Sometimes they drive me bonkers but today I am reminded of how great my kids are and how well behaved we have raised them to be :). Just a short note to say how much I love my little silly kids.





The Xtracycle Build

I call it the “Trek-stracycle”. I started with a Trek Navigator 2.0 and added the Xtracycle FreeRadical frame to it. We purchased v-racks with freeloaders and a Peapod seat for the deck at the same time. I love it all! See pic below of me plus kiddos.

Wine run with the kiddos on my new station wagon

almost done!

“We” built it up in our 3rd floor walk up. I use the term “We” lightly since it was my job to continue to provide wine and encouragement while TLH (tall, light and handsome) did the actual building. Isn’t he cute?

My bike mechanic

There was only minimal “ghetto-rigging”. We had to break off a bracket that holds the rear fender in place in order to attach the freeloader frame. No biggie since I won’t be needing a rear fender anymore anyway. These super cool stickers came with the kit and I already put one on the back of my boring black nutcase helmet.

Cool Stickers that came with my Xtracycle kit

I’ve already been on quite a few rides and I can’t wait for the weather to improve a little so we can all head out on some longer rides into downtown to go shopping. I amaze people regularly with what I can carry on my bike. I love that cargo bikes are becoming more mainstream across the US (I know I’m in Germany) and I hope that trend continues. This truly is a car replacement. Now I need to figure out a pattern for a deck cushion and rig up a way to make the whole back end covered for the kids so we can do more riding in inclement weather.

First Ride to Eppelheim

I rode 14k round trip today with a friend to go to Kaufland in Eppelheim. There are bike trails the whole way which is awesome for riding with kids. I’d really rather not have to worry about getting creamed by a car whilst I ride. I’m not sure what the heck my cycle computer was tracking as far as speed goes (47.47km/h!?!?) but it got the map, distance and time correct. I was only tracking on the way back, I forgot on the way there. We rode past the Army Airfield, straight into a headwind. Not fun but it was only temporary. On the way back I got to carry my friend’s bag of goodies and that always makes me proud. (Should have gotten a picture of that, FAIL.)

Ridelog 12/5/11

Map of the Ride

My Bikey Christmas List

Bags from Po Campo. I have 3 already and love them all.

My Po Campo Collection

I use the Six Corners Wristlet the most as a small purse since it fits down inside my diaper bag.


Revolights  Seriously, these things are really cool. I cannot wait for these to come out.  I’m really sad I missed my chance to preorder on


Bicycle Smoker from Käthe Wolfahrt, except I want mine to say “Heidelberg” since that is where we live.

Bicycle Smoker


Rain cape recently featured on Lovely Bicycle’s blog. It’s  wet here currently and reminds me of the Pacific Northwest.

Ivy Jean Rain Cape


2012 Bicycle Pin-up calendar by Thought You Knew
Actually, I already have one but I like it very much and think everyone who drools over bikes like I do should have one. Check it out, the money goes to a great cause.


A Paper Bicycle🙂

Paper Bicycle

I know, fat chance for me. (Please, Santa, Please!) It’s gorgeous, really a beautiful design. The tubes! The Seat Post! It’s so… I don’t know but I love it! Sadly, I don’t see myself ever purchasing one since I already have a “commuter” that handles cargo, but the Paper Bicycle is drool worthy. It has a very modern frame design but the chain guard and panel give it a nice vintage quality. Maybe she will be mine one day when I no longer have joyriding children on my bike 🙂

I’ve got a few more practical things on my list too such as these great finds on Etsy

Bicycle Bell from Peppina Morgenschön Shop

Delft Blue Porcelain bicycle bell

A Personalized Bicycle Glass Ball ornament from Glitter Ornaments

Personalized Bicycle Glass Ball Ornament

Bicycle Bookends from Knob Creek Metal Arts.  These will assist me with my home design scheme of having a bicycle in every room.

Bicycle Bookends