Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been busy around here helping friends move, watching extra dogs and driving an hour north every other day (it seems) to participate in events in our soon-to-be new community. Can we move already!?

Also the weather has been cold and rainy and yuck!


We went for a trip this week to Ludwigsburg to pick up my new Didymos wrap. Sadly no pictures yet.

Topper joined the Boy Scouts yesterday at their bridging ceremony. He had a great time and made a new friend. Unlike last year he is really excited about scouting and can’t wait to get started. Especially when he heard he can earn something for playing video games. *rolls eyes*. Oh well, whatever gets him excited.

In the next few weeks we will start our summer reading program. I’m doing a Roald Dahl theme. We will read a few of his books this summer, the kid friendly ones. We will also do some crafts and projects and *gasp* watch the movies.

So, look for new posts and pictures in the coming weeks. I also have some exciting things coming in the mail that I want to review soon.


Babywearing in Miniature, Doll Wrapping

You don’t need a “doll wrap” for your kids to wear their dolls, most scarves are the perfect size for kids to use. The one Cady is using here is a stretch jersey scarf I paid 3€ for at a junky tourist shop.


That’s Sofia in there, Cady’s Bitty Twin from American Girl. The carry is a Ruck Tied in Front 🙂

When They Won’t be Wrapped, Ring Sling Scarf Tutorial

I posted last week about the gorgeous Steampunk-esque Olive Hemp Gears ring sling we had custom made by Zanytoes Boutique. I still love it, it is not going anywhere. Cady still won’t go near it :-/

So, what to do with this piece of cloth? Why, use it as a scarf! I was searching for some mention of someone else doing this but couldn’t find any. I wanted a way to wear the slings for transport rather than stuffing in my purse. We are well past the diaper bag stage. Yay. I started fiddling around and this is what I came up with.


Now I’m extra glad I went with Copper rings instead of the Purple or Lime that Justin wanted. So here is how you do it,

Start with the RS like this


Then put it over your head 🙂


Pull the middle “loop” through the rings


Then from underneath the rings pull the other tail into the loop and just kind of tuck it in there


If you pull the tail through the rings from the top like this


You end up with this variation instead


I’ve also done this with my Natibaby Doodle RS which is a size large. I saw this on Pinterest


I put the tail with the rings on the right side and then just kind of left the rings tucked into the bottom loop.


I hope this is clearly written out and easy to understand. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there!


Flashy Friday May 10

We had loads of fun this week continuing our study of Ancient Rome. Justin was home this week to help us build an aqueduct. The kids both had a great time pouring the water down the chute into the bowl. I hope they have a better understanding of the way aqueducts were used to bring water into the cities.

This project came from Classical Kids: An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece and Rome (A Kid’s Guide series)
We borrowed ours from the library but I will consider purchasing in the future. It is full of child-appropriate activities to help relate the ancient cultures to children. We are going to do a few more of these before I return the book.

We started baking our own bread this week thanks to a borrowed bread machine from Oma. Here is the first loaf, it came out delicious and was quickly followed by two more loaves.


Our custom wrap conversion ring sling arrived at the beginning of this week. Cady always hates the “demo” at home but then loves to be carried when we are out. This wrap is a hemp/cotton blend and is great for heavier “babies”. Unfortunately Cady hates the color of this and she can be very opinionated. I hope I can talk her into liking it soon. I sure love it. It is made from Natibaby Olive Gears and I chose Bronze rings to give it a Steampunk look. Zanytoes did the conversion and she did an excellent job and got the sling to me exceptionally fast. She’s my go-to chopper from now on.


May 9th was a German holiday, Ascension Day. I think it is also their Father’s Day (Vaters Tag). Justin was off and so was a friend of ours so we took him and the kids up to Heilingenberg to the Thingstätte. This is still one of my favorite places close by and the snails here in the spring are pretty awesome. I’ve never seen giant, fat snails like this in the States.


It makes me want to pop over to Strasbourg, France to chow down on some escargot! 😉 Next week maybe?

Flashy Friday May 3

This week we continued our study of the Romans. We learned all about the Roman Baths and how they were built and operated. Living in Europe gives us a unique opportunity to visit Roman ruins. We took a field trip this week to the spa town of Baden-Baden, Germany to visit preserved ruins from a military Roman Bath. The museum is small but it was still possible to see the heating systems they used as well as the drainage systems. The museum is really well thought out and we definitely enjoyed our visit.




There were guide-phones to use in English and a short animated video of the assumed layout of the building. We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying Baden-Baden. We hope to return some day and take advantage of the thermal baths in town!

Cleaning Microfiber with Alcohol

We were lucky enough to score a free microfiber reclining sofa this past weekend. This thing was filthy before.


Yuck. We’ve all seen microfiber look like this before and this particular sofa also had lots of pen marks all over it.

I did some poking around online and found a tutorial for cleaning with rubbing alcohol on Chris and Robin’s Nest. I changed it a little though. A few of the other instructions I saw suggested diluting the rubbing alcohol with water by 50%. So I used VODKA. I went to the shopette and bought the cheapest bottle of vodka I could find. I also bought natural colored sponges and a white scrub brush. The vodka went into a spray bottle and I started with the sponge. I just sprayed a little bit on a small section and started scrubbing. I couldn’t believe the ink just coming off the fabric! When I had the whole thing scrubbed I let it dry and then “fluffed” the fabric with the white scrub brush. White sponges and brushes are important because the color could rub off onto the furniture during scrubbing.

And when I was all done and it dried and we rearranged the living room and got the old furniture out … It looks like this!



I am pretty impressed! We planned to buy a new sofa when we move in a few months but now I think we may just keep this one. 🙂 it’s amazing what a little alcohol and elbow grease will do.