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Bicycle Painting

I taught a class this week on bicycle safety and maintenance for our local homeschooling group. The kids had fun and learned a lot and at the end of the class we made a painting with the kids’ bicycle tires.





Murphy’s Law

Everything that could have gone wrong this weekend, did. Bicycle camping was out due to weather (we’ll try again this coming weekend). We then tried to cycle to the nearest tram stop to catch the first Castle Illumination of the season in Heidelberg BUT, upon arriving outside ready to go we discovered that my husband’s Trek had been stolen from the rack. I thought he was kidding when he asked where it was. He NEVER leaves it outside. It always gets carried back down to the basement through 2 locked doors to then be locked to his Kona Stinky safely in the community storage room. Well, he’s been wanting a new one anyway, I guess? So after the police report was filed we were on our way to the tram stop only to find out that they stop running them during large city events and at this point we did not have enough time to head all the way downtown by bike, about 6 miles. So we headed home. Poor Trek, you will be missed.