With my best friend still in town we headed to Munich for a whirlwind day trip and then to the Mountains for the night. Trex is so big that I can’t travel with him and everytime we go to a new place I always think, “I wish I had my bike”. Every trip has me thinking how much I need a folding bike. Maybe the lovely folks at Brompton could sponsor me to do a travel series around Europe? Of course I’d need a child seat too so Cady could come along. Cycling infrastructure appeared to be great in Munich even though I did not get to use it and the Englischer Garten certainly seemed like a great place to go for a ride away from the city.
We did have time for a short stop at Velo Company. I researched ahead of time and found they carried Larry vs Harry longjohns as well as Nihola and Christiania trikes. I even saw a woman near the Marienplatz on a Nihola with a Velo Company sticker.






They also had a Brompton wall


I was a little shocked to not see any xtracycles given the surfing phenomenon here but it seems they have found a different way to carry their boards to the park



The surfers were amazing to watch. I can’t wait to come back and someday explore the city by bike.