Last week we got together with our homeschool group and had Field Day! I remember Field Day was one of my favorite school activities when I was a kid.

For ours we had four teams, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. For some of the activities the teams were divided into Bigs and Littles.

Activities were:
Bean Bag Balance
Three Legged Race
Ping Pong Ball Blow
Egg Walk
Tug of War

Cady and her friend ready for the race 🙂


Topper blowing the ping pong ball.


Cady kept wanting to give up but she did make it across eventually.


And then the Dads got in on the ball-blowing fun.


Afterwards we feasted on hot dogs, baked beans, Mac n cheese, chips and team color cupcakes. We had a great time. The kids are got little medals to take home. I was surprised when Topper got competitive during the tug of war and an older brother jumped in to tell his younger brother to “PULL!”. He got right in his face just like a Drill SGT. Hilarious, I love homeschoolers.