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Kiddie Cargo Trikes

Europe is awesome for kids! We went to an indoor play arena for kids win the homeschool group last week. I think my 32 year old kid had the most fun. At the place they had a few different cargo trikes for kids. They are apparently made by Winther but I couldn’t find anything on their website. Sorry the pictures are so blurry, she moves fast!



She was not able to pull Daddy on the trike but she tried really hard!


The Coolest Park Ever

Germany has some amazing playgrounds for kids. Our new neighborhood has a bunch of themed playgrounds that are CLEAN, and well maintained. This particular one is my favorite. It’s called the Race Track park which I think works I guess although I’d name it something different and make the miniature roads more of a feature because that is my favorite part.

The mini roads and road signs are too adorable and are the perfect size for Cady on her balance bike

Like lots of German playgrounds there is a hammock πŸ™‚ I love when the playgrounds have these. Especially when we are there in the middle of a school day and the playground is empty. I can hang out in a hammock and read while the kids play.


We wandered away a little bit and the kids ate some blackberries off a bush they found πŸ™‚


One last shot of the park and Topper’s bike.


I really wanted to use this park for my co-op bicycle class next week but since we are using some paint and making a mess we need to stay away from the pretty park.

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been busy around here helping friends move, watching extra dogs and driving an hour north every other day (it seems) to participate in events in our soon-to-be new community. Can we move already!?

Also the weather has been cold and rainy and yuck!


We went for a trip this week to Ludwigsburg to pick up my new Didymos wrap. Sadly no pictures yet.

Topper joined the Boy Scouts yesterday at their bridging ceremony. He had a great time and made a new friend. Unlike last year he is really excited about scouting and can’t wait to get started. Especially when he heard he can earn something for playing video games. *rolls eyes*. Oh well, whatever gets him excited.

In the next few weeks we will start our summer reading program. I’m doing a Roald Dahl theme. We will read a few of his books this summer, the kid friendly ones. We will also do some crafts and projects and *gasp* watch the movies.

So, look for new posts and pictures in the coming weeks. I also have some exciting things coming in the mail that I want to review soon.

Babywearing in Miniature, Doll Wrapping

You don’t need a “doll wrap” for your kids to wear their dolls, most scarves are the perfect size for kids to use. The one Cady is using here is a stretch jersey scarf I paid 3€ for at a junky tourist shop.


That’s Sofia in there, Cady’s Bitty Twin from American Girl. The carry is a Ruck Tied in Front πŸ™‚

Scooter Shopping

We discovered this weekend that we need something for Topper to ride at Oma’s. We tried out a few scooters at the LBS. This Puky one was one of them.


While it would be really cool to have, it doesn’t quite fit the bill. The scooter needs to be small enough to travel with but have air-filled tires for the gravel driveway. If anyone knows of something like this I would appreciate a steer in the right direction. We have a razor scooter and I’d really love to find something just like it but with air-filled tires.

The “free” Zoo by Bike

This past week I did a 22k day with the kids. We rode to the PX to run some errands, then to what I like to call the “free zoo”. We have an awesome pet shop nearby and we stop in and visit every now and then. I do buy dog treats and accessories here when needed so we aren’t total freeloaders. They have a HUGE koi pond. Some of these fish are as big as Cady and cost 1500€. When you stand next to the tank they swim over and open their mouths πŸ™‚


The kids thought this crab was cool. He was about the size of my fist and had little hairs all over him.



They also had a really playful (and talkative) African Gray Parrot


Silly kids


We found this playground on the way back and stopped for awhile. There was even an adult sized hammock!


Trex and Hopper waiting at the park πŸ™‚


We left the house around 11 and returned home just in time for dinner. I’m glad I went since it rained the next two days. Summer doesn’t seem to be happening here in Germany.

Rain Cover on the Xtracycle!

After finding a picture on You Ain’t Got Jack’s Facebook page I was geared up with the knowledge to make my own sun/rain cover for Cady’s Yepp Peapod on the Xtracycle. There were many days this past fall and winter when I didn’t ride because I was worried about Cady being too cold on the deck behind me in the elements. I’m working so I’m warm but she’s just sitting there. You can find Lindsay’s original tutorial here
I used 5/8″ bendable PVC pipe which I walked right past in Bauhaus. Luckily C saw it and grabbed it up for me. I bent the pipe into the right shape and then hubs cut off the extra with a box cutter. We lightly zip tied the pipe to the back of the Yepp seat using the holes that were already there. The canopy is from a Maclaren Triumph stroller and the Rain cover is from our old Bugaboo frog. I’m really happy with how it came out. It was much easier than I thought it would be. For now we are still using the Yepp seat but there are things I don’t like about it and we may eventually switch back to the Britax RΓΆmer, which would match better, which would make me happier πŸ™‚


From the back


Without the rain cover


We went on a nice long ride today to run some errands and pick up the pipe. Here are some pictures from our ride. We ended up cutting through a field on the way home. C was waiting for the farmer to appear to chase us off with a shotgun.