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Well none of THAT happened.

I just read my last blog post from June again. The move didn’t go as planned, we had family visiting right up until the moving truck arrived and to top it all off we discovered that we were expecting our third child right before family arrived in Germany. (Exciting, but not great timing)

So, needless to say nothing we had planned for this summer has gone according to plan. We haven’t started the new school year yet since we went almost a month with no mailing address and our school books have yet to arrive. It also turns out that my worst pregnant symptom is extreme exhaustion, so I’m pretty much worthless right now.

We have done some traveling and participated in summer co-op in our new home so I will just photobomb the rest of this blog post. Enjoy.







Flashy Friday May 3

This week we continued our study of the Romans. We learned all about the Roman Baths and how they were built and operated. Living in Europe gives us a unique opportunity to visit Roman ruins. We took a field trip this week to the spa town of Baden-Baden, Germany to visit preserved ruins from a military Roman Bath. The museum is small but it was still possible to see the heating systems they used as well as the drainage systems. The museum is really well thought out and we definitely enjoyed our visit.




There were guide-phones to use in English and a short animated video of the assumed layout of the building. We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying Baden-Baden. We hope to return some day and take advantage of the thermal baths in town!

Spring Flowers

All systems go!


Yes, we still live in the GET-O, but hopefully not for too much longer.

We took a beautiful Spring ride to Schwetzingen today to see if any flowers were blooming yet at the palace gardens. There were a few cherry blossoms out but nothing else yet so we will wait another week and hopefully it will be a Spring wonderland. We snapped some pictures from across the creek before heading home to meet some friends at the playground.




I’m so glad Spring has finally arrived 🙂

Beach Day in Den Haag

Our original plan for today was to rent bikes and ride Amsterdam. However, we got up too late and all the bikes with kid’s seats were gone so we took the car to the beach near Den Haag. Great idea! The kids loved the beach and we liked the cute Dutch beach houses. I definitely want to come back here for a beach vacation.

I haven’t seen a Gazelle Cabby in this color before but I loved it. It was very beachy


And then I found a family tandem. One of many I’ve seen in use here.


We saw loads of bakfiets and mamafietsen too. I’m hoping to visit a bike store before we leave here :). I want to get a big, heavy chain like the ones the Dutch use on their bicycles.

[Not] Cycling in Munich

With my best friend still in town we headed to Munich for a whirlwind day trip and then to the Mountains for the night. Trex is so big that I can’t travel with him and everytime we go to a new place I always think, “I wish I had my bike”. Every trip has me thinking how much I need a folding bike. Maybe the lovely folks at Brompton could sponsor me to do a travel series around Europe? Of course I’d need a child seat too so Cady could come along. Cycling infrastructure appeared to be great in Munich even though I did not get to use it and the Englischer Garten certainly seemed like a great place to go for a ride away from the city.
We did have time for a short stop at Velo Company. I researched ahead of time and found they carried Larry vs Harry longjohns as well as Nihola and Christiania trikes. I even saw a woman near the Marienplatz on a Nihola with a Velo Company sticker.






They also had a Brompton wall


I was a little shocked to not see any xtracycles given the surfing phenomenon here but it seems they have found a different way to carry their boards to the park



The surfers were amazing to watch. I can’t wait to come back and someday explore the city by bike.

Welde Brewery Tour

One of my best friends is in town visiting this week. Today we rode to Plankstadt to visit the Welde Brewerei and go on the tour. It was 9€ each for adults and 4€ for children. We got a souvenir glass and all the beer we could drink in the tasting room. We rode 16k round trip to and from the tour. Today was probably my favorite bike trip to date!


I carried the stroller today with me on Trex. I didn’t get a picture but I’ll be doing it a few more times this week so I’ll have to remember to take one next time.










I love this light fixture! Maybe I’ll start collecting bottles? I’m sure it’ll look like junk in my house though.


Cady “taking pictures” with a rock


The map shot of our ride today, although only on the way there since my phone died before the return trip.


One the way back we stopped at the commissary for Salmon for dinner, yum! When we came out I had some admirers so I answered questions about Trex for a few minutes. I need to get some xtracycle business cards printed!

Medieval Markt im Sandhausen

My brother and his lovely wife came over today with their kids and we rode to Sandhausen for the Medieval Markt. It was 11.28k round trip to the center of town.


It is possible we stepped outside into an oven for the bike ride. No joke, it was hot as


But the kids had a great time playing in this fountain. Topper and my nephew were soaked. Cady was mostly wet on the front.


The kids wetness helped them escape the mild heat exhaustion symptoms I was feeling. Maybe I would have been more comfortable in a kilt?


Same awesome band from last weekend’s festival. We didn’t really get to hear them play much this time though.


The ride home felt like the most glorious air conditioning ever! Until we stopped 😦


This was the longest hill. Not too bad but the sun was beating down on us. I’m glad to have found a good route to Sandhausen though as there is a nice yarn shop there and a couple nice grocery stores. It gives me more options of places to go off post on my bike.