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Beach Day in Den Haag

Our original plan for today was to rent bikes and ride Amsterdam. However, we got up too late and all the bikes with kid’s seats were gone so we took the car to the beach near Den Haag. Great idea! The kids loved the beach and we liked the cute Dutch beach houses. I definitely want to come back here for a beach vacation.

I haven’t seen a Gazelle Cabby in this color before but I loved it. It was very beachy


And then I found a family tandem. One of many I’ve seen in use here.


We saw loads of bakfiets and mamafietsen too. I’m hoping to visit a bike store before we leave here :). I want to get a big, heavy chain like the ones the Dutch use on their bicycles.


Commissary on the Townie

I ran to the commissary today on the Townie with her new Brooks seat. She still needs a name. She has no racks or even a basket yet so I have no way to carry anything on this bike other than to carry it myself. I took one of my foldable reusable bags with me and came home with bottled water, 1 liter of coke, a 6-pack of cream soda, chocolate bars that were on sale for .31 and a loaf of bread. It was pretty easy to ride with the bag slung over my shoulder but my hand felt a little sleepy about halfway home. AND to top it all off, I rode in a skirt :). I love the Townie for this purpose. I can still ride Trex in some dresses but today I’m wearing a jean skirt and that’s not about to happen on a diamond frame.

At the end of this week I’ll be headed to Amsterdam where I plan to rent and ride all sorts of cool family bikes.