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Kiddie Cargo Trikes

Europe is awesome for kids! We went to an indoor play arena for kids win the homeschool group last week. I think my 32 year old kid had the most fun. At the place they had a few different cargo trikes for kids. They are apparently made by Winther but I couldn’t find anything on their website. Sorry the pictures are so blurry, she moves fast!



She was not able to pull Daddy on the trike but she tried really hard!


Bicycle Painting

I taught a class this week on bicycle safety and maintenance for our local homeschooling group. The kids had fun and learned a lot and at the end of the class we made a painting with the kids’ bicycle tires.




The Coolest Park Ever

Germany has some amazing playgrounds for kids. Our new neighborhood has a bunch of themed playgrounds that are CLEAN, and well maintained. This particular one is my favorite. It’s called the Race Track park which I think works I guess although I’d name it something different and make the miniature roads more of a feature because that is my favorite part.

The mini roads and road signs are too adorable and are the perfect size for Cady on her balance bike

Like lots of German playgrounds there is a hammock 🙂 I love when the playgrounds have these. Especially when we are there in the middle of a school day and the playground is empty. I can hang out in a hammock and read while the kids play.


We wandered away a little bit and the kids ate some blackberries off a bush they found 🙂


One last shot of the park and Topper’s bike.


I really wanted to use this park for my co-op bicycle class next week but since we are using some paint and making a mess we need to stay away from the pretty park.

Flashy Friday April 19

We had a busy week this week.

We went for a nature walk to collect pine cones to make peanut butter bird feeders later this weekend.



We rode to Schwetzingen to see the blossoms at the palace. So far the cherry trees only were out.


Husband reenlisted on Wednesday in Heidelberg 🙂


We went for another bike ride yesterday through the woods and Justin found a cool “work stand” to use


And tonight we went to the school carnival. Cady had her face painted and made crafts.




And they both had cotton candy and jumped in the bouncy houses.



We did lots of Math and Ancient China history at home this week but oddly have nothing to show for it. I know there were some worksheets and coloring pages around, hmmm…

Spring Flowers

All systems go!


Yes, we still live in the GET-O, but hopefully not for too much longer.

We took a beautiful Spring ride to Schwetzingen today to see if any flowers were blooming yet at the palace gardens. There were a few cherry blossoms out but nothing else yet so we will wait another week and hopefully it will be a Spring wonderland. We snapped some pictures from across the creek before heading home to meet some friends at the playground.




I’m so glad Spring has finally arrived 🙂

Back into Riding

Spring has finally shown up. It is sunny and seventy degrees outside. Everyone was grumpy in the house this morning so we took off on our bikes.

I’m pretty sure there was a smile plastered on my face the entire time.

Cady and I talked about the flowers on the trees and how they smelled. She stuck her arms out to the sides and said she was flying like an airplane. Topper said the pedaling made him feel calm. It was a perfect bike day…


Commissary on the Townie

I ran to the commissary today on the Townie with her new Brooks seat. She still needs a name. She has no racks or even a basket yet so I have no way to carry anything on this bike other than to carry it myself. I took one of my foldable reusable bags with me and came home with bottled water, 1 liter of coke, a 6-pack of cream soda, chocolate bars that were on sale for .31 and a loaf of bread. It was pretty easy to ride with the bag slung over my shoulder but my hand felt a little sleepy about halfway home. AND to top it all off, I rode in a skirt :). I love the Townie for this purpose. I can still ride Trex in some dresses but today I’m wearing a jean skirt and that’s not about to happen on a diamond frame.

At the end of this week I’ll be headed to Amsterdam where I plan to rent and ride all sorts of cool family bikes.