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Back into Riding

Spring has finally shown up. It is sunny and seventy degrees outside. Everyone was grumpy in the house this morning so we took off on our bikes.

I’m pretty sure there was a smile plastered on my face the entire time.

Cady and I talked about the flowers on the trees and how they smelled. She stuck her arms out to the sides and said she was flying like an airplane. Topper said the pedaling made him feel calm. It was a perfect bike day…



Medieval Markt im Sandhausen

My brother and his lovely wife came over today with their kids and we rode to Sandhausen for the Medieval Markt. It was 11.28k round trip to the center of town.


It is possible we stepped outside into an oven for the bike ride. No joke, it was hot as


But the kids had a great time playing in this fountain. Topper and my nephew were soaked. Cady was mostly wet on the front.


The kids wetness helped them escape the mild heat exhaustion symptoms I was feeling. Maybe I would have been more comfortable in a kilt?


Same awesome band from last weekend’s festival. We didn’t really get to hear them play much this time though.


The ride home felt like the most glorious air conditioning ever! Until we stopped 😦


This was the longest hill. Not too bad but the sun was beating down on us. I’m glad to have found a good route to Sandhausen though as there is a nice yarn shop there and a couple nice grocery stores. It gives me more options of places to go off post on my bike.

Balance Bikes in Germany

Cady got this Puky balance bike for Christmas and she is just starting to be able to use it often. It has a little brake lever (genius German design) and she has figured out how to use it instead of using her feet to stop which will be invaluable when she transitions to a big bike.


We went on two long walks this past week to the commissary and back and she is doing great!

Here she is picking her feet up and coasting


She also signaled a few times which cracked us up but unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture. I’ll have to have the camera out and ready next walk. Makes me wonder if she does it on the back of the xtracycle?